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Arms Akimbo presents his new song ’Seven Mirrors’

New single from viral Spotify indie rock outfit, Arms Akimbo. The four-piece have found success touring with Walk The Moon, The Animals and Said The Whale and are now ready to release their new track entitled ’Seven Mirrors’. The single is a vibrantly bold track, featuring driving rhythm sections and triumphant melodies which build into the ultimate indie rock anthem

Over 2 Million Spotify Streams

Spotify Global Charting Artist

U.S. and Canada Viral Charts

Opened for The Animals, WALK THE MOON and Said the Whale

Arms Akimbo is a 4-piece indie rock outfit based in Los Angeles. After meeting in college, Peter Schrupp, Chris Kalil, Colin Boppell and Matthew Sutton decided to form a band inspired by artists like Local Natives, Portugal. The Man and Hippo Campus. Their debut EP, Vignettes found immediate success and the band soon opened for WALK THE MOON, The Muffs, and Colleen Green, at various high profile venues. Arms Akimbo soon paired with producer, Stephen Gomez (The Summer Set) and recorded a barrage of singles, including 'Michigan' which broke close to a million plays and landed on Spotify's Global (peak at #48), US (#45) and Canada (#7) Viral Charts.

Recently, their raucous live show has been showcased opening for The Animals and playing with Said the Whale, Field Medic and IRONTOM. They have since hit the studio with a new EP entitled, The Wrong Kind Of Dance Party (the name was pulled from a playlist they used in college to wrap up their parties). Leading single "None of My Business" fuses infectious guitar riffs with an anthemic chorus and driving powerful drums. The song profiles a yearning love affair and the complications that accompany it. While "Seven Mirrors" highlights Schrupp’s warm yet husky vocals with soaring harmonies and intricate songwriting. The Wrong Kind of Dance Party is due for release February, 2018 worldwide.


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