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Polartropica presents her new song ‘Golden Soul’

New single from whimsical space pop/psych artist Polartropica released via LA Weekly. Entitled ‘Golden Soul’ the track details the struggle of a friend who is now missing, after becoming addicted to opioid after being prescribed from a doctor for back pain.


I wrote 'Golden Soul' watching someone close to me struggle through opioid addiction and the devastating effects it has had on the family and everyone connected. We got a call from Ava the day Trump got elected to office, and have not seen her since. When a trusted doctor prescribed Oxycontin for a back injury from horseback riding 10 years ago, no one would have known that it would slowly devolve into a full-on heroin addiction. Now, we see in the news every day that entire communities are destroyed by this. On one hand, you're fighting this incredibly heartbreaking and constant internal battle, while at the same time navigating responsibilities, stigma, family, the lack of resources available for treatment, especially for those not financially able to check into a privatized comprehensive treatment facility. The relationship with an addict comes from a place of love, and morphs into a whole other form of codependency, and the cycle continues.

We are dedicating Golden Soul to Ava and anyone with friends or family members struggling with opiod addiction. This is a nationwide epidemic that needs to be properly addressed, both in the way we view this addiction and from the pharmaceutical and lawmaking levels. Responsibility needs to be taken upon individuals and companies who are approving, making, promoting, administering opiod painkillers, and are continuing to do so, while disregarding all of the evidence we now have showing that there is a potentially dangerous outcome when prescribed carelessly.


Polartropica is the music endeavor of Los Angeles based, whimsical space-pop artist, Ihui (eeway) Cherise Wu. Born in Taiwan yet raised in California, Wu successfully combines quirky pop melodies, futuristic synths and classical string arrangements, creating a genre of bubblegum psychedelia that you’ve never heard before.

Polartropica derived after Wu heard a song which couldn’t be defined by a genre - ‘Polartropic’ by Mark Foster. Admiring the contrast between both ‘polar’ and ‘tropical’, Wu decided to formulate a place where things can exist where they don’t belong. Polartropica fuses elements of complete opposites together with the outcome resulting in a unique, ethereal sound that defies all sonic worlds. Using both organic and synthetic instruments, Wu conceived a visionary dream world for listeners to escape to. Wu professes, “I wanted to create a healing, inspiring and empowering space with just the right amount of disco-party!"

Integrating 90's pop, classical arrangements and intergalactic space-pop, Polartropica is guaranteed to feed your imagination, with their eccentric and distinguished sound.

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