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Bird concerns presents his new single "Trapped"


Trapped is a love song about depression. The gentle guitar strums ethereal chords as bassist Marcus Buser croons in a melancholy, soothing baritone. The mood of the lyrics dances between sentimental and sorrowful as Buser laments upon the ups and downs of being in love whilst struggling with emotional instability. This is a song for anyone who has ever felt trapped by there own mind, or loved someone while watching them slip further away into darkness. The song comes to a climax as Buser cathartically belts the final chorus and the band releases a powerful burst of pent up energy, which had been tastefully restrained during the rest of the song. In under three minutes, Trapped takes the listener on an emotional journey from sweetness and sorrow, to a sliver of hope, crying out above the distorted guitars.

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