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The Shakes presents 'Heaven (Doesn't seem so far away)'

New single from Los Angeles based band The Shakes. Entitled 'Heaven (Doesn't seem so far away)' the single is a note to remind others that no matter how hard life gets, always try and look at it with a lighter perspective. Featuring raw acoustic guitar, smokey vocals and minimalistic instrumentation the stunning track evokes a positive and uplifting emotion.

Far from your typical bedroom pop indie artist, The Shakes are a brilliant glimpse into a world of clarity. Composed of songwriter Sean Perry as the frontman, Cameron Pearson on guitar, Syd Tagle on keys/synth, Tanner Henderson on bass and Levi matullis on the drums, The Shakes are a modge podge of individuals with an artistic voice unlike anything else in the current indie scene. Drawing from every key decade of pop, the Los Angeles based group infuses R&B sounds and infectious lyricism with every single. Whether it’s exploring topics like the complications of relationships or the struggle with faith and identity, The Shakes find no topic unreachable. Their music is stunningly human in its vulnerability and beauty, making every song a sensual experience. The Shakes are not for your ears. They are not for your eyes or your tongue. The Shakes are for your soul.

Following the release of their acclaimed debut EP With Every Moment, which held a spot on the NACC charts for 3 weeks in a row, the band are releasing their "B side playlist” From The Bedroom, a culmination of tracks which represent the first step toward their true artistic direction together as a group. Each track details personal stories about relationships, not only about girlfriends but also friends and family. Tracked, produced and mixed all from the comfort of their living room, The Shakes have crafted an intimate and vulnerable experience for the listener and you can hear it in these tunes.

Leading track, 'Underneath A Blood Orange Sky’ consists of dreamy melodic tones which compliment the melancholy lyrics that echo through the end. Bringing forth the opportunity for Perry to tell the story of an adolescent boy trying to make the best of his moments, alone for the first time, within a new world, full of uncertainty. Perry reveals, "It starts off with a voicemail of my dad attempting to reconnect with me after we had a huge falling out. Our relationship had diminished for awhile after a series of personal events. This was him reaching out to me when I was distant and in an uncomfortable state of mind. Over the years we've rekindled and our relationship is flourishing now”.

"Heaven (Doesn't seem too far away)” is a note to remind others that no matter how hard life gets, always try and look at it with a lighter perspective. It expresses the importance of being grateful for the friends and family and to not be afraid to reach out for help, even if it makes you look vulnerable. "I Just Want To Feel Something” was written to create an uncomfortable experience for the listener, with both the lyrics and the instrumentation. With all the twists and turns, the overall feeling of the song feels like a wave of anxiety. Perry confides, “This song is for the kid sitting in his/her room searching for a purpose in his/her life”.

It has always been the main focus of this group to speak for the young voice that can not speak for themselves. No matter the age group, THE SHAKES are ready to be a voice for generation.

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