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Elliot Lee presents her new single ‘Upside Down’

New single from Elliot Lee. Entitled ‘Upside Down’ the track features crispy beats and fast-paced vocals and is a fresh exploration of indie pop. The single is about feeling like you are at the bottom of the world, always in the worst headspace, always running into obstacles in the path toward a fulfilling life, and wishing it could all be the exact opposite.

Brooklyn based artist Elliot Lee fuses dark pop melodies with edgy vocals and innovative electronic soundscapes to create an unpredictable sound, acting as a voice for the voiceless. With an admiration for the lulling alt-pop of artists like Billie Eilish and Lana Del Ray and the homegrown rebellion of Twenty One Pilots, Elliot Lee holds an awareness of what music that is unhindered by norms can do for the underrepresented. This bravado oozes through the cracks of her homemade music, with tracks that are laced with late-night-slumber-party confessions and existential cognizance. Having grown up in a nomadic lifestyle that carried her family around the country, Elliot Lee found stability in the universality of music.

Now, as a self-taught adult with a clear vision, Elliot Lee is on a mission to destigmatize honesty, delivering listeners with an outlet to speak candidly about their struggles and highlighting that we are never alone in whatever we are going through. Elliot Lee reveals, “It feels so satisfying to wrap up uncomfortable messages in pretty, stomachable packages that make people want to dance and sing but also low-key cry about all of the sadness in the world at the same time”.

Thematically, Elliot Lee’s music focuses on the concept of overthinking and how it can severely impact one’s ability to cope with life and its obstacles. “Each song is a representation of what was taking up the most space in my brain while I was writing the lyrics, and the writing process itself helps me to work through the issues instead of just quietly ruminating like I otherwise do”, admits Lee. Inspired by the feeling of loneliness, the music acts as a reminder that you are never alone.

‘Upside Down’ is about feeling like you are at the bottom of the world, always in the worst headspace and always running into obstacles in the path toward a fulfilling life, and wishing it could all be the exact opposite. The empowering track emits an uplifting feeling through its crispy beats and fast-paced vocals. ‘Dirt’ narrates frustration toward those who don't understand how much music means to so many people. Elliot Lee confides, “When I was in LA briefly, the people I worked with didn't understand or respect my message and my path, therefore getting in the way of my goals as an artist. Being told that no one is going to listen to my lyrics made me feel like dirt”. Featuring edgy instrumentation, feisty lyrics and layered gritty electronic sounds, the single truly packs a punch. ‘Good Bad Ugly’ breaks down the concept that our idols are all living perfect lives. It implores the listener to look inward and analyze what parts of themselves they've been hiding in order to seem like they’re okay, and also urges them to embrace all the parts of who they are because if they’re always fighting to be someone they’re not, they will lose themselves. “Our struggles don't define us; we are all a mixture of good, bad, and ugly, just like everyone else”, explains Lee. Sonically the single showcases infectious lyrics, bright keys and shimmering synths.

With the desire to inspire others to stop being so hard on themselves for mistakes, failures and things that are out of their control, Elliot Lee has crafted a sound that she hopes will be the starting point for unity. Together, with her eccentric fashion style and unique sound, Elliot Lee is releasing her most authentic work to date. Having already garnered close to a million hits on Spotify alone, Elliot Lee is ready for the next chapter of her musical endeavor.

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