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Elizsabeth presents her new single 'I Choose Myself'

New single from London's alt-pop artist Elizsabeth. Entitled 'I Choose Myself' the stunning song is an anthem of self-empowerment, narrating regaining power after giving it away for so long and in doing so finding freedom.

Elizsabeth's music details embracing who you are, celebrating self-love, self-preservation and self-growth.

Elizsabeth is a London-based artist creating empowering alt-pop music inspired by stories of self-love, self-preservation and self-growth. Using her evocative vocals, mesmeric hooks and honest lyrics she wants her music to be a source for anyone needing reminding about the importance of discovery and acceptance. Focusing on the value that people should stand for who they truly are, despite what others say, Elizsabeth has set out with the ambition to emphasise of empowerment in all aspects of life.

After years of struggling with anxiety from feeling judged for who she was and constantly comparing herself to others, Elizsabeth knew something had to change, she confides, “The more love I had for myself, the more I saw love around me. Listening, writing and singing music continues to help me heal these old wounds, giving me peace when I need it most. I want to share my journey using my own music to inspire others and be a reminder that when we look inwards we have everything we’ve been looking for”. Elizsabeth hopes to connect to people around the world through a space of honesty and realness - no judgement, just loving energy. Embracing who you are is a potent theme ingrained throughout the music, determined to set an example of celebrating what we've been taught are flaws, regardless of anyone else’s opinions.

Leading single ‘I Choose Myself’ embodies everything that Elizsabeth stands for. The true essence of her beliefs illuminate the track, highlighting simple delicate piano, candid vocals and shimmering layered harmonies, which resonate deep in the soul. Fuelled with emotion, ‘I Choose Myself’ is the ultimate anthem of self-empowerment. The songstress reveals, “The song is about regaining back our power after giving it away for so long and in doing that finding a freedom we didn’t realise we were missing”.

Having garnered acclaim for her previous releases, including reaching number 2 in the UK singer/songwriter iTunes Chart, for her single ‘My Comfort Zone’, Elizsabeth continues to shed layers, evolving into who she is, whilst radiating positivity. ‘I Choose Myself’ currently available worldwide.

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