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Adams Traktor shares his new single "Noth’en"

Adams Traktor

New Single "Noth’en"

Los Angeles, CA. – Adams Traktor, the music project created by JR Smith from Seattle, WA. that captures the alt rock grunge era, is back with a new and powerful single, “Noth’en”, out today. It’s the follow-up to his well-received song “Time To Wake Up” from his Quench album on Dark Spark Music and The Orchard.

Adams Traktor is JR smith (guitar, vocals), Manny Elias (drums), Fernando Saunders (bass), Gregory Darling (keyboards) and Olda Kreycoves (lead guitar).

Smith says, “Noth’en was meant to explore the emptiness you experience when you are faced with loss. The loss of a relationship, a friendship, a loved one or anything you cared about or valued. It’s that moment of despair and emptiness when you realize it’s gone and how much you truly valued it. There is nothing to say, but knowing there was more to be said and wishing you had. The very point where you feel the regret, the silence inside, the loss; the point that you are left with…. “Noth’en”.

In addition, Smith says, “This song was written the week Chris Cornell died, it’s my memory of him, my recollection of the loss, the recognition of all he gave; it was inspired by a lyric he wrote early in his career, a lyric that just came unexplainably into my mind. The lyric: “Nothing to say…. We’ve got nothing to say”.

“Noth’en” was produced by Gregory Darling at 2 Lions Studios and written by JR smith.

Vicky Hamilton is the management consultant for Adams Traktor and founder of Dark Spark Music. Photo by Antone Smirnov.

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