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Afrofuturism duo Trrmà presents ‘Shishapangma’

Avant-Garde Afrofuturism duo


ANNOUNCES The Earth's Relief Album

SHARES ‘Shishapangma’ Single



LABEL: 577 Records

Afrofuturism producers Trrmà have announced the release of their latest single, ‘Shishapangma’ on 6th of March. The track was premiered via VENTS Magazine and is lifted from their upcoming album, The Earth's Relief via 577 Records which will be released on 1st of May. The duo have received support from Italian publications Son Of Marketing, Rockerilla and Blow Up. The two have toured Japan, sharing a stage with Tatsuya Yoshida (Ruins), Koichi Makigami (Tzadik record), and Doravideo. Trrmà has also collaborated with American visual artist and pianist Charlemagne Palestine whilst one-half of Trrmà, Giovanni Todisco has previously worked with Italian punk duo ?Alos. Having toured Europe, the duo also played at L’homme a deux oreilles and Time Zones Festival.

Based in the South of Italy, Trrmà is comprised of Giovanni Todisco on drums and percussions and Giuseppe Candiano on modular synthesizers. Giovanni Todisco, a teacher of drums and percussion in several music schools, received his own formal training when he graduated from Monopoli Conservatory in “Classical Percussions”. Giuseppe Candiano studied jazz guitar and trumpet before he went on to teach himself the synthesizer with a focus on electronic music.

Trrmà find inspiration in the beginnings of afrofuturism with SUN RA taking centre stage while the more structured aspects of IANNIS XENAKIS providing support. The resulting sound is complex, with parallels being drawn to the likes of Clap! Clap! and Flying Lotus, while the jazzy aspects of Portico Quartet shine through.

Featuring tribal polyrhythm percussion with a focus on sci-fi and dystopic feelings, Trrmà take experimental jazz and elevate it, twisting and distorting the sound until the afrofuturism shines through. Carried by scattershot snare rim beats with influences of beat culture such as afrobeat and footworks, the resulting dense percussive is noteworthy. Having been known to work with the stochastic system of composition, Trrmà manages to strike a delicate balance between aspects of archaic and ancient primitive dance and strict mathematical processes.

Speaking of the overall album, Trrmà tells us “"The Earth's reliefs" is dedicated to unreachable peaks, at the same time it represents the desire to challenge the highest goals, a metaphor for the research behind our music with which we always try to surprise ourselves.”

Upcoming Trrmà tourdates

21st March - Siena, La Corte dei Miracoli

19th April - Bari, Folklore elettrico Festival

7th May - Paris, Le Zorba

8h May  - Amiens, Accueil froid

9th May - Rennes, Le marquis de Sade

10th May - Nantes, Blockhaus dy10

12th May - Bordeaux, L'antidote

13th May - Toulouse, TBA

14th May Clermont Ferrand, Raymond Bar

15th May - Saint Amand Roche Savine, Cafe Quoi

16th May - Lyon, Grrrnd zero

30th May - Turin, Jazz is dead festival

The Earth's Relief Album Tracklist:

1 - Manaslu

2 - Makalu

3 -  Kangchenjunga

4 - Shishapangma

5 - dHaulagiri

6 - Cho Oyu

7 - Lhotse

8 - Ktìria


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