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bexx shares her new single "Stupid"

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New single "Stupid"

The playful new track “Stupid” narrates missing someone who clearly doesn’t miss you, and being furious with them about it.

bexx is a seriously exciting new talent in the UK pop scene. Her eclectic, euphoric alt-pop sound unabashedly draws from influences within 80’s synth-pop, pop-punk, classic rock, and current artists like Rina Sawayama and Lady Gaga.

Taking inspiration from subjects including queer dating, body image, mental health, and her favourite romcoms, bexx uses her songwriting to carve out space for fans to feel accepted and hopeful even in their lowest moments.

Her latest single “Stupid” narrates missing someone who clearly doesn’t miss you, and being furious with them about it. Featuring fun, playful lyrics, bouncy melodies and an energetic beat, the single shimmers with colourful synths. Inspired by the likes of Fickle Friends, Valley and Carly Rae Jepsen, bexx sings, “Hate your stupid eyes in the morning light, your stupid mouth when you kiss me right, how your voice notes made me feel like home, I feel kind of stupid waking up alone.”

“Stupid” is off of her upcoming EP, SUCKER, which is a collection of songs that shows the songwriter admitting to being an idiot when it comes to dating. These are all anti-love songs, trying to deliver something cathartic for people in the midst of the horrible world of dating.

bexx has headlined Nottinghamshire Pride and supported the likes of Fickle Friends and Deco on tour, as well as being featured in the likes of Wonderland, Earmilk, and Rolling Stone. bexx in 2021-22 was about experimenting and finding her style – bexx in 2023 is fully cooked and ready for world domination. With her debut EP due in the first half of 2023, bexx is rapidly heading towards an exciting future, and it’s one you’ll want to be a part of.

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