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Bird Concerns shares their new single "Emergency"

Bird Concerns

New single "Emergency"

Emergency is a surreal journey through space and time. The song starts with an understated guitar riff, quickly joined by the thumping drums, dancing bass, and airy vocals. The lyrics look outwards into the night, dreaming of stars, planets, and leaving earth behind. The track’s title emerges in the contrasting chorus, bringing the listener suddenly into a punky wonderland. We finally land in a big bang at the dual guitar soli, showing off the band’s knack for winding melody.

Bird Concerns is a Los Angeles based rock band “swathed in lush harmonies and structures that straddle the line between sweet ’n’ simple, and progressive.”

(LA weekly) The band met in college and bonded over a mutual love of surfing, skating, and Beach Boys style harmonies. Each member brings their own unique influences to the table.

From the grunge of Seattle, to the experimental music of Chicago and Jazz tradition of the east coast, all coming together under the warmth of the Southern California sun.

Bird Concerns is a fully collaborative four-piece ensemble, with all members singing and writing for the band. The quartet brings “massive melodies, four-part harmonies and crunchy guitars together…”(Atwood Magazine) juxtaposed with “an appreciation of the more traditional, colorful structures provided by jazz and classical music.”

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