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Black Note Graffiti releases their new single "Inch X Inch"

Black Note Graffiti

New Single "Inch X Inch"

Los Angeles, CA. -  Black Note Graffiti, the Ann Arbor, MI. Rock band that isn't afraid to say what they think, have a new relevant and purposeful single, "Inch X Inch" out today.

Black Note Graffiti is Gabrielle Bryant (vocals/keys), Kris Keller (guitar/vocals), Kurt Keller (drums), Ricardo Ortiz (vocals/ guitar) and Adam Nine (bass).

Bryant says, "Inch X Inch focuses on the toxicity that stems from relationships we build with those that lead us nowhere. This song is a call to action to take a hold of life in the midst of the storm while enlightening your self worth." "Inch X Inch" was produced by Grammy Award winning Producer/Engineer Chuck Alkazian (Pop Evil, Soundgarden, Tantric) at legendary Pearl Sound Studios (Asking Alexandria, Eminem, Filter). Look for 2 brand new EP's, Volume III Rise and Volume III Fall, out Summer 2020.

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