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CRXSSXS shares new single 'Anxious Avoidant' ft Merunisa

CRXSSXS ft Merunisa

New single 'Anxious Avoidant'

London-based producer Crxssxs (pronounced ‘crosses’) shares his brand new single ‘Anxious Avoident’, out everywhere on 23 February. The track features rising alt-R&B singer-songwriter Merunisa.

Born from a musical session between Crxssxs, Merunisa and producer 284, the track was initially written as a ballad on piano. The concept of the track came after discussing life, musical inspiration and attachment styles, and many of the lyrics came from the conversations had between the trio.

Naming D’Angelo, Prince and Kaytranada as his main influences, Crxssxs thrives off being able to experiment with the emotions and feelings he’s able to convey with his music. Completely transforming the track, he incorporates driving beats and slick production with R&B, hip-hop and afrobeat elements. The juxtaposition between the seriousness of the lyrical content and the upbeat instrumental creates something which is as easily danceable as it is thought-provoking.

Speaking of the track, he says, “After discussing life, musical inspiration and general thoughts we decided to speak about relationship attachment types as Merunisa and 284 where new to the concept. As I was defining the attachment styles we decided that it was an interesting concept and would it be good to share with the wider world as a song. Once we finished writing the song and recording the demo at my studio I went away and produced the song fully fleshing it out into the track that it is today.

I want my listeners to know that being Anxious Avoidant is normal and more people should be conscious of attachment styles and how they fall into them.”

Merunisa’s live performances and social presence have started to garner attention with her music being frequently played on BBC Radio 1 Introducing, Reprezent Radio, Balami, Amazing Radio and many more. Alongside critical acclaim from Big Leap Creative, Woman to woman and Tits upon Tyne, she is also receiving cosigns from fellow London artist AJ Tracy.

Merunisa’s immense talent doesn’t just lie in being able to resonate and move her audience emotionally. She has also crafted her vocal sound with capabilities comparable to Summer Walker and Jhene Aiko. By writing and creating art based on her life and emotions she has managed to connect with her audience on a spiritual and emotional level. Her music covers various topics including mental health, self-identity and integrity.

Having already made a name for himself under Anton Joseph, he has DJ’d in the UK, Italy, Spain, Jamaica and Dominica, landed 200,000+ streams to date, is a Resident DJ at Soho House and Chelsea Funhouse and has had his music showcased on KissFM, Dynmk, BBC1Xtra, Capitol XTRA, Worldwide FM and Balamii Radio.

Now, the artist rebrands Crxssxs in order to fully hone his distinctive musical style - “I come from a Caribbean heritage so I’m always trying to incorporate that into my music. My main reason for rebranding to Crxssxs was to ensure I have full creative control over my music, and to separate my DJ work from my artist work. With this new music, I want to put forward messages in a conscious, thoughtful way, but also get out of my own comfort zone. This is a new era for me, and I hope it resonates with people and they can find some comfort in knowing we’re all going through the same things.”


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