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Dj poolboi unveils ‘felt like we were in heaven’ video

dj poolboi

SHARES ‘felt like we were in heaven’ video

Taken From The Recently Released LP

stay just a little while longer

LABEL: Unbelievably Spectacular

Rising electronic producer dj poolboi has shared the video for ‘felt like we were in heaven’, taken from his recently released diverse album, stay just a little while longer via Unbelievably Spectacular. On the album, which is available in a limited edition clear vinyl, listeners will find a wide variety of genres including dream-pop, afro-house, and hip-hop. Previously released singles include take me far away, a cover of Petula Clark’s ‘la nuit n'en finit plus’ accompanied by an old school video shot in France, ‘malo okoma’ featuring Zambian singer Theresa Ng’ambi accompanied by a vibrant video shot in her home country as well as ‘easy’ featuring the notorious British MC Flowdan.

dj poolboi tells us about the people behind the video: “We shot the video in Berlin with director iamjohannes. A big thank you to choreographer Marie Zechiel, our dancers Siri Elmqvist, Alexander Teutscher, Fidolina Bartz & Jakob Anis Feldman. Thanks also to executive producer Sabine Hruschka and editing & post-production metawaste. I hope you enjoy it.”

Filled with youthful joy and a happy mischievite that comes with dating your best friend, ‘felt like we were in heaven’ takes the simple joys of coming home and elevates it with cheerful rolling beats. At times flirty and ridiciouls and other times sentimental, dj poolboi echoes the child within us all in his latest video.

dj poolboi himself is born and based in Austin, Texas. Since the artist’s debut LP in 2020 which he released through MajesticCasual, he has also released music via Shall Not Fade and created official remixes for Moby, yeule and Alan Fitzpatrick's side project 3STRANGE, racking up over 55 million plays to date.The producer has appeared on stage at Goldenvoice'sSplash House Festivaland opened for Ross From Friends, Baltra, Chaos in the CBD, DJ Seinfeld, George Fitzgerald and park hye gin to name a few.


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