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Dream-pop / Indie-folk Duo teepee share ‘Hazel Trees’ video

Dream-pop / Indie-folk Duo


SHARE ‘Hazel Trees’ Video


Dream-pop duo teepee are sharing their new music video for ‘Hazel Trees’ via SPRINGSTOFF. The music video was premiered via Atwood Magazine.Hazel Trees’ is lifted off of their newly released album, Where the Ocean Breaks which was recorded at the Aurora Studios in Vienna together with producer Tom O. Marsh. Their previous single ‘No Reason’ was released to acclaim, and quickly went on to feature on popular Youtube channel Mr Suicide Sheep, racking up over 245 thousand views to date, before being added to Spotify's Indie Radar Playlist. ‘Parallel World’, also lifted from the album, was included on Atwood Magazine's January 2020 Editor's Picks. The Prague-based duo has racked up over 200 thousand Spotify streams, seen support from Son Of Marketing, were nominated by Radio Wave’s export initiative Czeching and have shared the stage with names like Jesse Ware, Seafret, Oh Wonder, Peter Bjorn and John or Laurel. teepee have played numerous shows in the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Poland including Enea Spring Break, Waves Vienna, Nouvelle Prague, Rock For People, Sázavafest, Colors of Ostrava and Reeperbahn Festival. 

teepee is the spellbinding collaboration between singer-acoustic guitarist Miroslav Patočka (Mason) and singer-electric guitarist Tereza Lavičková. The duo met in high school and began making waves on the Czech independent music scene in 2015. Tereza began playing classical guitar at age 6, and Mason played a host of different instruments before settling on the guitar. The duo have since released a debut album and an EP. 

Inspired by acts like RY X, Nick Drake, Son Lux, and Sigur Rós, teepee's sound is defined by intoxicating vocal harmonies, with Miroslav's gentle acoustic guitar enhanced by fragile notes from Tereza’s electric guitar. Subtle samples and synthetic embellishments provide a bed for their melancholic, confessional English lyrics - with elements of their sound drawing parallels to the likes of Daughter, Bon Iver, and Aurora.

The music video for ‘Hazel Trees’ provides consistently stunning imagery as vast, open landscapes, dark shimmering lakes and hazy background forests entice the watcher. Presenting a post-apocalyptic world, the message is of gentle hope during difficult times. Filmed by David Broda and directed by Tereza Lavičková herself, the music video could be considered a short film by some. The figure of a dancer presenting an interpretive response to the song creates yet another layer of complexity to the video. To truly appreciate each element of the video, the watcher is encouraged to have multiple viewings, allowing themselves to focus on a different aspect each time. 

Giving insight into some of the deep complexity of the video, Tereza Lavičková says, “The song is based on one Celtic Myth that says that on the way to the other world there are nine magical hazel trees. The hazelnuts from these trees hold all the world’s wisdom. With the video, I wanted to capture the hopelessness of a person that is completely alone in the world so I wanted to create sort of a post-apocalyptic world. What is the point of existence If there is no one else to share it with? As the main theme of the new album is hope we wanted to make the video hopeful too so the point is that everything becomes more bearable when there is someone you can share the grief and loneliness with. The aim was to capture the idea of the song. ‘Hazel Trees’ is about reconciliation because “Sooner and later our navigators take the rudder and paddle to reach the shore” everyone dies, without death life wouldn’t make any sense but “The winner takes it all” because the heartbreaking moment about death is when someone you love dies before you do.” 


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