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Drew Makes Noise presents his new single ‘Satellite’

Up and coming psychedelic pop musician

Drew Makes Noise

SHARES ‘Satellite’ Single


LABEL: One Inch Punch

UK born and bred musician Drew Makes Noise released his debut solo single, ‘Satellite’ on 6 March via One Inch Punch. While performing with the Ed Zealous band, Drew Makes Noise supported the likes of Snow Patrol, Two Door Cinema Club and Maximo Park. The Ed Zealous band was featured in CLASH Magazine and received a fair amount of air play with Phil Taggart on BBC Radio 1. The Belfast based musician, Drew Makes Noise has received support from Gemma Bradley on BBC ATL Introducing and Aine Cronin-MCartney on BBC ATL Introducing. Ed Zealous performed at the Glastonbury Festival, on the BBC Introducing Stage, and the NEMO Music Showcase and Conference.

With his father introducing him to music with some of the classics of rock and roll, a reinforcement of violin and clarinet and his friends introducing him to 80’s and 90’s pop before he went on to find a love for guitar and Nirvana, Drew Makes Noise had constant subtle pushes to enter the music industry throughout his life. Raised in Castlerock, the musician was making mix tapes at school, blending Nirvana and The Pet Shop Boys, however he didn’t yet realise that one day he might have the musical tools in his kit to try and cut a path between both.  Drew Makes Noise and his band The Big Waow will be hitting stages from March.

To achieve his neo pop meets psychedelic pop sound, Drew Makes Noise finds inspiration in both the modern and the classics with the likes of Wolf Parade, Polyphonic Spree, John Grant, Mercury Rev and Tame Impala all appearing on his playlist. His own sound closely follows some of these inspirations with the likes of MGMT, Foster The People and M83 springing to mind.

Drew Makes Noise aims to bring an emotional rollercoaster of scatterbrained fun with the melodies of pop and dance music to 2020. Opening with bold lyrics expressing high expectations, ‘Satellite’ reveals the impressive vocal range Drew Makes Noise has to offer. Taking a cheerful approach to much production, the electronic synthesizers bring forth a youthful exuberance, conjuring up memories of hot summer days filled with sun. Embark on a personal, spiritual trip with Drew Makes Noise as ‘Satellite’  fills your speakers.

Drew Makes Noise reveals the energy and work that went into the launch of his solo career, “Satellite came from a 2 hour long solo jam on Pro Tools with arpeggiators and synths. There was so much of it that I wrote an albums worth of songs in the time it took me to put  all the complex pieces together in a song. Depending on how I feel I sing the lyrics with no sense of irony or completely ironically.”

Upcoming Live Dates:

26th March - Voodoo, Belfast

24th May - Ulster Sports Club, Belfast


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