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Elodie Reverie shares her new single "Under The Radar"

Elodie Reverie

New single "Under The Radar"

Los Angeles, CA. - Brooklyn, NY. born Elodie Rêverie writes, performs and produces her own vibrant music with a fierce independence. Her songwriting is very personal, which carries her clever lyrics and creative beats, just like in her latest single, "Under the Radar" dropping today.   

Rêverie says, "Like the majority of my music, my latest single "Under the Radar" originated from an iPhone note. Weeks later, I was surfing and found a loop. The loop sparked my decision to turn the iPhone note into a song, and serves as the foundation of its structure and melody."

“Under the Radar” was produced Riley Urick (Kanye West, System of a Down, Akon) at Oasis Mastering.

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