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Fab The Duo shares their new single “Nice Guy”

Fab The Duo

New single “Nice Guy”

Los Angeles-based Fab The Duo talk about the modern dating world with their fun andfiery new single “Nice Guy.”

Fab The Duo is a Los Angeles-based alternative duo, aiming to smash societal norms through music and love. Previously hailing from New York, the glamorous boyfriend pair, Greg Driscoll and Brendan Eprile, create music which intoxicates audiences with confidence. Fab doesn’t just stand for “fabulous”— it’s also an acronym that stands for Fierce Ass Bitches.

Having experimented with a multitude of genres and styles, Fab have finally found their true sound in the alternative world— a little bit rock, a little bit pop, pure alt. Their latest single “Nice Guy” is inspired by the incredibly low bar our society has when it comes to dating men. The duo share, “Many men act like the world owes them (sex, a relationship, praise) for not being a terrible person and they often use the excuse of being “nice” to get away with terrible things. We all know a “nice guy”… it’s time someone wrote a song about it!” Written during the pandemic and after witnessing many of their friends deal with these “nice” guys, Fab wanted to shine a light on how they’re not always as good as they seem. Heavily inspired by early 2000’s pop-punk, such as Blink 182 and Bowling For Soup, “Nice Guy” emits a fun and fiery energy, with fast-paced, crashing percussion, crunchy punk rock guitars and passionate vocals, delivering an overall IDGAF attitude.

Fab The Duo have had the privilege of performing to energetic crowds at The Bitter End, The Stonewall Inn, and The Cutting Room, as well as recently to the executives at The Madison Square Garden Company. Their music has been featured on notable press including Billboard, Advocate, HuffPost, and Hollywood Life, with Alt Press calling them “a group that should not be overlooked”. They were recently recognized by the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, winning the Song Of The Week Award for their song "Our Love Is Resistance". Performing at large Pride Festivals in Austin, LA, and Burlington, Fab The Duo hope to to change the way people see queer, interracial love in the music scene and beyond. As they make break boundaries and stereotypes as the first gay couple to go mainstream in the music industry, they want their fans (or Fabbits) to follow this simple advice: Be You. Be Proud. And Be Loud!

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