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Giift shares her new single "If You Leave"


New single "If You Leave"

With a total running-time of just 10 minutes, Giift says more than what most artists are capable of during a full-length album. Her debut-EP, ‘Archives’, was both an impressive and inspiring release by an 18-year old young girl whose modest and almost shy appearance would go and shine a light on the international neo-soul and R’n’B-scene of 2022.

Giift interprets the youth in her lyrics and sing them out in her own way with a remarkably pure voice. She has a self-taught, boundless way of producing harmonies and musical layers making her minimalistic yet complex and grandiose sound stand out and portray a young girl whose mind, body and soul becomes her music.

Her final release of the year, ‘If You Leave’, represents the state of Giift…

“2022 has been very overwhelming to me. Letting go of ’Archives’ was also about letting go of an emotionally chaotic period in my life and at the same time it became the ultimate high that collided with new love. ‘If You Leave’ is written right at that time – as a declaration of unlimited love and as the definite ending of a chapter one and the beginning of a new,” Giift tells.

She was born in Pretoria, South Africa, on February 18th 2004, was adopted and grew up as a small-town kid of Havnsø, Denmark. In her childhood home, there were no limits to creativity and Giift wrote her own songs at a very young age – a mental process that progressed naturally with her passion for art and music production.

Her debut-single, ’Fed Up’, premiered on PAPER Magazine and since then, Giift has been praised by leading international media like Ones To Watch, Flaunt Magazine, COLORS and Metal Magazine.


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