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High energy House DJ Florian Picasso shares ‘It’s Alright’

High Energy House DJ

Florian Picasso

RELEASES ‘It’s Alright’ Single

RELEASE DATE: 10 February 2023

LABEL: La Californie Musique / 100th Meridian Music

Energetic DJ and Producer Florian Picasso released his latest single ‘It’s Alright’ on the 10th of February via the new imprint La Californie Musique. The second release under the label, the record follows his recently released single ‘Ay Papi’, which received early support from Dancing Astronaut. With 120 million streams on Spotify and Youtube, Florian has earned support from tastemaker publications, We Rave You, Your EDM, Mixmag Asia, and Forbes.

Picasso is no stage name, Florian is the great-grandson of the mighty Pablo Picasso. He recently paid tribute to his great grandfather in the most artistic and innovative way with some exceptional shows in the unique location, the Picasso Villa ‘La Californie’. Most importantly, he is writing his own story with his own signature, never limiting his creative mind. He now plays shows all around the world with up to 100 shows a year and some of the biggest festivals like Tomorrowland or Ultra Miami. He has also previously collaborated with hip-hop star NAS and famed singer-songwriter John Legend and the single ‘Tomorrow’. His music touches on aspects of Tchami and Malaa.

Florian Picasso talks a bit about the record: “‘It’s alright’ uses a specific sound from an older collaboration of mine. It was a fun process to incorporate the past into the future.”

Back with another bratty record, Florian Picasso’s latest offering ‘It’s Alright’ drips an unceremonious attitude. Fun, carefree, and downright rude, the record is enjoyably unapologetic. Meaty four-on-the-floor kicks bring the fire, while pitch-changing vocals tell us what's what. It’s a heavy hitter!

Image credit: Loic Schütz (ClubbingVision)


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