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Julian Shah-Tayler shares his new Single "Secret"

Julian Shah-Tayler

New Single  "Secret"

Los Angeles, CA. - Julian Shah-Tayler, aka The Singularity, from Leeds, England currently living in LA, is the singer-songwriter with classical training on piano and self-taught on guitar, whose new single, "Secret" is released today.

Shah-Tayler explained, "This is a song about heading out into the night of clubs and celebration. Forgetting all of our troubles and tripping the light fantastic as nightlife starts to flourish again...I’ve got this feeling in my bones that we are never going home.”

“Secret" was written, produced and performed by Shah-Tayler with additional production by Robert Margouleff (Depeche Mode, Devo, Stevie Wonder) and recorded in his TARDIS studio in Los Angeles, California.


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