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Katie Wood shares her new single 'Enemies To Lovers'

Katie Wood

New single 'Enemies To Lovers'

Goth-pop artist Katie Wood is thrilled to release her fourth single, 'Enemies To Lovers'

Wood, who is known for her eccentricity and androgynous image, continues to defy categorization as she delivers her most exciting song to date - 'Enemies To Lovers'.

Inspired by the 90s cult television classic Buffy The Vampire Slayer, 'Enemies To Lovers' takes on an anti-hero perspective and explores the often misunderstood enemies to lovers trope.

"I saw a resemblance in relationships I've had to Buffy and Spike's. Their love is complicated, and it's never easy. There is undeniable chemistry that I wanted to capture in the music. By no means am I romanticising the violence in their relationship, however, there's just something about them together. When it's good, it's hot!"

Heavily doused in erotic vocals from start to finish, 'Enemies To Lovers' glows with nostalgic synth sounds, ricochet drums and muted guitar hooks that give room to a somewhat polished and sophisticated edge. Wood has a charismatic way of playfully swinging between decades while simultaneously gravitating towards the present. This is prevalent throughout the artist's discography as her delivery captures her humorous yet enigmatic nature.

In keeping with her effortlessly charming approach to songwriting and lyricism, 'Enemies To Lovers' is set to be her best song yet. Produced by Katie Wood and studio20, Wood's material takes influence from post-punk music and new wave bands such as The Cure, Cocteau Twins, Drab Majesty and New Order.

Having garnered acclaim from the likes of Billboard, The Line Of Best Fit, Paper Magazine, DIY, Nylon and MTV, Wood hopes that her music will continue to help others acknowledge their power and celebrate the weird and wonderful.

Disobedient Records

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