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KID BE KID shares his new single ‘News Feed’

Image credit: KID BE KID

Triple-Threat Musician


RELEASES ‘News Feed’ Single


Truly A Life Goal But No Ice Cream Album



LABEL: Fun In The Church

Songwriter, producer, and vocal percussionist KID BE KID released her latest single ‘News Feed’ on the 17th of March via Fun In The Church. Following ‘Naked Times’, the single is the second shared from her upcoming album Truly A Life Goal But No Ice Cream, which is slated for release on the 9th of June and will be available on vinyl, CD, and across digital platforms. In the past, she had gained support from tastemaker webzines NOTION Mag, Complex UK, Jazzwise UK as well as Pure Grain Audio and Exit Through Sound among others, and she has had her music air on BBC Radio 1Xtra with Jamz Supernova and the German station Deutschlandfunk Kultur.

KID BE KID tells us: “News Feed is a self-deprecating summary of how addicted we are to those mean little screens. Instead of this senseless consumption of information, we should rather swing our hips and dance. That's exactly why News Feed has a positive vibe.”

Recently, KID BE KID sang on several scores for the 2022 Netflix film Rumspringa. In 2017, she released her debut album Sold Out and followed up with her 2020 EP Lovely Genders. In 2022, she collaborated with Henrik Schwarz and Bugge Wesseltoft on the single ‘My first life’ and has been touring Europe non-stop since last summer. Drawing influence from Little Simz, Frank Ocean, and Kaytranada, her music is comparable to multi-talented musicians H.E.R and Frank Ocean as well as live-performance talents Jacob Collier and DOMi & JD BECK.

KID BE KID has been a celebrated sensation for years for her live performances, so it's no wonder that she is only too happy to make fun of all the boring online productions, including bloated self-marketing in her lyrics: "You'll have to post 5 times a week, at least 5 videos and one pic. If not, your audience won't grow". But since we have all become little self-marketing monsters with the desire for constant virtual pats on the back, she directs this criticism primarily at herself: "Of course: for love, everybody seeks, but it makes me sick to do so too," she says in the song ‘News Feed’.

Originating from Berlin, Germany, pianist, singer, and human beatbox KID BE KID was raised by professional musicians. Her parents only listened to classical music, so she recorded her favourite songs off the radio and explored her taste in secrecy. Later, she learned to play the piano but disliked staring at the sheet music. At 19, She found freedom from the confines through Jazz improvisation, which led her to experiment with aspects of Neo Soul, Hip Hop, and Pop.

KID BE KID scrolls passed social expectations in ‘News Feed’. Complete with R&B/Soul flair, smooth Jazzy piano, and a swung bassline that leans into the pocket, her latest offering has got the groove.

KID BE KID Tour Dates 2023

23rd March - Burghof, Lörrach, Germany

24th March - Les Cuizines, Ville de Chelles (near Paris), France

18th April - Cully Jazz Festival, Cully, Switzerland

12th May - XJAZZ! Festival, Berlin, Germany

Truly A Life Goal But No Ice Cream Tracklist

1. Start

2. Time

3. Move

4. Posers

5. I swear

6. Naked Times

7. News Feed

8. Get Up

9. Stories

10. Hold My Hands


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