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Lauren Lakis shares her new video "Fear of God"

Lauren Lakis

New Single "Fear of God"


New visuals from shoegaze dream pop artist Lauren Lakis. Entitled "Fear of God" the song narrates the singers struggles with her religious upbringing, strict Catholic school rules and feeling abandoned by her father.

Lauren Lakis has garnered acclaim from the likes of Wonderland, Earmilk, LADYGUNN and Culture Collide among others.

About the video:

"Nuns were an important part of my childhood; some were teachers of mine, and some were just simply present around the school and church. I’ve always felt fascinated by them - how could a woman choose to commit herself to her faith in such a permanent way? I honestly felt pretty inferior in their presence, like my sinfulness was illuminated by their holy aura.  I’ve always loved the idea of subverting the idea of the “Bride of Christ” and decided to explore that theme in the music video. I thought, what if we found a nun in the desert, having her own “Temptation of Christ” pilgrimage, invited to dance with the devil…giving in to the ultimate temptation…only to feel disappointed afterward?  I asked my guitarist and bandmate, Jared Ciezlewicz, to play the devil and he was a great sport in accepting my invitation. His guitar is such an integral part of the song itself, so it was perfect that he and I would act together in the video. My good friend Ian Carre-Burritt co-directed with me, shot it, and edited." - Lauren Lakis 

About Lauren Lakis

A child of Baltimore, Lauren grew to embrace the fatalistic spirit of the city in her work and art. With stunningly raw, haunting tones, Lakis has fashioned her own brand of  “delightfully gut-churning shoegaze”. Authentic and honest lyricism, paired with lush, darkly romantic vibes, her songs are “a refreshing change from today’s polite rock…” (Earmilk). Lakis and her full band have toured the West Coast extensively, and have shared bills with Drowse, Coastlands, and Emmet Palaima of Elizabeth Colour Wheel. Most recently, the band played to a sold-out room at Doug Fir Lounge, as well as The Catalyst Santa Cruz, opening for Flor Winnetka Bowling League. Lauren also performed a pair of solo shows opening for Grammy-nominated legendary rocker Tracy Bonham. The band was set to play SXSW this year as well.

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