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LEVVELS shares their new single "Keep Me Alive"


New single "Keep Me Alive"

Entitled "Keep Me Alive," the track details a yearning for a connection that was lost in a romantic relationship. Brad Jacob of the band confides, " 'Keep Me Alive' is about the experience of wanting someone, feeling that you need to be with someone, but they have a different perspective on what they want from their experience with you. They give you enough to keep a connection, and you want more. One more kiss, one more touch, one more chance to ravage each other, but they want to keep things compartmentalized. We wanted the visuals to capture the intensity of lust, desire, emptiness, loneliness, infatuation, passion, and pain. "

Inspired by the darkwave sounds of the 80s, wrapped in the Gen X soul of the 90s, tied together by the new millennium electro-clash energy of New York City in the ‘00s, LEVVELS blends the subtleties of each influence’s nuances and ushers them into the modern era to do just that...make you feel.

Working with the Los Angeles based production and songwriting duo HEAVY (Lovelytheband, The Unlikely Candidates, Chase Atlantic, Goo Goo Dolls), LEVVELS has put together an initial release that that has been compared to a modern sounding Depeche Mode mixed with the intense refinement of the Killer’s Hot Fuss...had its origins been a late night/early morning Los Angeles after hours party instead of the bright lights and failed dreams of Las Vegas.

With their first single Keep Me Alive, LEVVELS taps into the franticness of desire amidst a waning connection, all while craving one more taste of lust that has been lost. Shrouded in an energetic pace that builds relentlessly, it leaves one wanting to fully dive into the sins and sounds that exist at the deepest levels of the human experience.

Shifting to their second release “Personal”, the bass groove launches you into the arms of life’s most passionate moments. The drum beat drives your desires directly onto the dance floor and the vocals hit urgently, bringing the listener full force into the passion and complexities of wanting what you have while craving what you don’t. In LEVVELS, you get it all.

Kershona Mayo

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