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MALU shares her new single ‘Never On Time’


New single ‘Never On Time’

MALU has a tradition of collaborating with some of the hottest names on the Danish music scene, and her new single 'Never On Time' is definitely no exception.

In the producer's chair we find the 24-year-old pop star Alexander Oscar, who, in addition to having a credible solo career himself, can now also write 'producer' on his CV. MALU's new single 'Never On Time' was both written and produced in collaboration with the massively streaming pop star.

The one that got away

“When I was heartbroken as a teenager, my mother always comforted me by saying that it's all about timing. When I was younger it always sounded abstract to me, but today I completely understand what she meant. We always talk about finding the one and only, but in reality I think it's just as much about the timing being just right before we dare to commit ourselves to a relationship and really believe in it", she says of the theme of the song.

The other day she told her friends about the new single, which is about a relationship that never came to fruition: "I realized that we all had 'the one that got away', so it's a story that, I think, many can identify with", she says and smiles. A story of a relationship that never was because the timing for some reason was just never quite right.

"It's a little too soon cause you've gotta figure out yourself // it's a little too late cause now I am with somebody else // I should leave it all behind, cause I can never be on time with you", she sings on the opening lines of the energetic chorus, which is a little more pop than what we've heard from her her so far.

More pop than RnB

In April, MALU released the EP 'Evergreen', from which several of the singles received a lot of attention on Danish radio. A number of international blogs also praised her laid-back, tasteful vocals and songwriting.

“MALU’s music is a great option for a first dive into R&B. She will be gentle and make you discover the beauty and nuances of a very complex genre”, Good Because Danish wrote about the EP for instance.

Nevertheless, 'Never On Time' probably leans closer towards pure pop, although the elegant nuances in MALU's understated vocals still reveal her origins in and love for the RnB genre.

With haunting choir voices, whipping drum rolls and a melody that instantly resonates with lovers of pop music, MALU kicks off the fall with the release of 'Never On Time'.

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