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Nick Kingswell shares his new album "Brontide"

Nick Kingswell

New album "Brontide"

Nick Kingswell has just dropped his highly anticipated album, Brontide. The album features "Easy Love" - a track which just went viral on a Buzzfeed video 

Brontide is a stunning collection of 12 tracks, written peripherally while trying to focus in on a distant feeling. A feeling you can’t quite comprehend, or is just beyond your reach.

Kingswell has been featured in numerous notable publications including American Songwriter, PopDust, Earmilk and Atwood Magazine to name a few. 

Australian singer/songwriter Nick Kingswell sold his house and belongings and moved to London in an effort to push his music career. Drawing on his memories of Australia’s oceans, beaches and open landscapes, Kingswell runs these through the gritty filter of London’s big city. His music delivers a cinematic feel, layered with dynamic movement and intricate guitars, all tempered with a deep emotionality.  Kingswell provides a musical safe haven for listeners, through his heartfelt, gentle vocals and thoughtful lyrics. Reminiscent of artists such as Fink, Bon Iver, and James Vincent McMorrow, the songwriter presents his own take on indie folk, bestowing a ponderous serenity and something all his own. His latest album Brontide is a stunning collection of 12 tracks, written peripherally while trying to focus in on a distant feeling. A feeling you can’t quite comprehend, or is just beyond your reach. Kingswell shares,  “I covered a lot of ground on Brontide. Both lyrically and sonically. Brontide is the low sound of distant thunder, and my take on that is evident in these songs. They’re the closest I’ve gotten to the truth.” Produced by James Bunton, the album speaks about hope, with even the saddest of songs leaning towards finding a light at the end of the tunnel.  Leading single “Homesick” narrates Kingswell’s move from Australia to the UK. He confides, “I love living in the UK and I feel equally as lucky to get to go home to a place like Phillip Island. It’s the best of both worlds. But the feeling of being homesick comes and goes. It’s like that whole idle hands idea. As long as I’m busy and happy and in touch with my family regularly, I can make it work.” The track highlights evolving feverous guitars, organic instrumentation and raw vocals, resulting in a candid and relatable anthem.  “There’s No Cure” tackles regret and everything that comes in hand with it. It speaks about how acknowledging past mistakes is a great way of moving on. Featuring honest, personal lyrics and glowing piano melodies, it’s a simple yet poignant song, sure to warm the heart.  Then there is, “Now I’m Gone”. Stemming from the day he decided to leave Australia for good, the song is fuelled with emotion, coming to life through ethereal harmonies, resonating guitar melodies and echoing string arrangements, creating a dreamy and celestial release.  Brontide showcases Kingswell’s ambition to find his own voice. He reveals, “I used some big brush strokes, but in saying that, I think I still managed to paint a picture.” Kingswell has been featured in numerous notable playlists including Spotify's "gentle acoustic", as well as Alex Rainbird's YouTube channel. Brontide is currently available worldwide, via Audio Network – an eOne Company.

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