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SC. Undercover shares his new single "Sex Me Like U Want 2"

SC. Undercover

New single "Sex Me Like U Want 2"

"Sex Me Like U Want 2" is a flamboyant and confident song narrating how people often hide behind their shells. Encouraging you to let loose, the pop R&B anthem will get you in the mood for a party.

SC. Undercover and garnered acclaim from the likes of Earmilk, Variance Magazine, Popwrapped and Atwood Magazine to name a few!

Walsall, UK born artist SC.Undercover started creating music as a way of escapism from the darker periods of his early life. The mysterious crossover artist blends influences of indie, dark pop and R&B, offering something distinctly unique and relatable in today’s industry.

His latest single “Sex Me Like U Want 2” takes a slightly different approach to his previous work. Delving into the pop R&B realm, the artist explores a sound and style that has been playing on his mind. Reminiscent of George Michael meets Justin Timberlake, the song starts off with wild vocals showcasing an unreal range and a bubbly beat full of life, colour and total fun. The flamboyant and confident song changes to pulses of organ/synth toned chords, with emotive vocals totally contrasting the first half of the song. The track narrates the reality that once the party is over and the sober feelings come rushing back in, you may be sat with the past and emotions you hide when you're out having fun. It’s honest and relatable; sometimes our outer shell protects us from other aspects of our life and that everyone has their own battles they dont always share. SCU shares, “I think you find that a lot of that in this business a lot of us are introverted and have a lot of insecurities including me and our art is our way of being who we want to be”.

The lighthearted video starts off full of humor - leather jumpsuits, snazzy sunnies, amusing dance moves and facial expressions and pure sunshine melodies, it's the perfect mix for giggles and bopping. From pink to grey, the video takes a turn, with darker visuals and slower movement, revealing the underlying emotions and truths a person could be battling despite the show of colour and fun the night before. The video ebodies the song's meaning, and adds to the emotions tied up to the lyrics.

SCU’s music is a beautiful juxtaposition with upbeat dance/pop melodies complimenting the darker lyrical undertones. Instantly recognisable, SCU has crafted an unmistakable sound, written to encourage others to feel good, dance their worries away or to reflect on the relatable narratives of heartbreak, love and aspirations of success. With influences ranging from Frank Sinatra and Prince, to David Bowie, Usher and Coldplay, SCU shares, “Music is universal to me, regardless of genre, I want to be known as an artist to hold commercial success in a variety of different genres.”

Also hoping to help others overcome their own struggles specifically with mental health, SCU uses his music as the driving force to reach wider audiences. Having performed to sold out audiences across Atlanta and at home in the UK, as well as garnering acclaim from publications, SC. Undercover is labelled as an artist to watch.

Joe Beer

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