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Tarah Who? shares their new video "Yay or Nay."

Tarah Who?

New video "Yay or Nay."

In support of all independent Female Rock musicians, Tarah Who? Collaborated this time with The fierce ladies from Spain in their project called Faul.

Tarah has discovered the band though the connection that she has with V, the drummer from emerging band BALA that Tarah is a big fan of.

“Yay or Nay” does not really come as a surprise, it is a punk rock song full of attitude, to which each band member has added a little bit of their personality. Corinna is German and sang her lyrics in her native language, V and Laura are both from Galicia.

On their last tour to Europe, Tarah and Coralie made a point to go meet the girls in person to shoot the music video for “Yay or Nay”. The Song is simply about being able to be told Yes or No. As independent artists, and in a very competitive world, we get a lot of vague answers as well as “not at this time”, when really, for any situation in life it is about a simple “yes” or “no”, to keep moving forward.


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