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The Burma shares ‘Quicksand’ single

Rising indie rock trio

The Burma

RELEASES ‘Same Again/ Quicksand’ Single

ANNOUNCES Sugar Moonlight EP 


LABEL: Spooner Records

Indie rock outfit The Burma released their latest double A-side single ‘Same Again/ Quicksand (2020 version)’ on 27 March via Spooner Records. ‘Same Again’ was premiered via Rolling Stone India. The single is taken from their upcoming EP Sugar Moonlight, which will be available on 3  April. The Burma have landed support slots for acts such as The Academic, The Strypes and Delorentos and have performed at festivals such as Vantastival, Doolin Folk Fest and Whelans Ones to Watch. The band is looking forward to tour dates both in London, UK and nationwide in Ireland. Since the release of their first single, ‘Quicksand’, the band has gained extensive national airplay and have received over ten thousand plays across streaming platforms.

The collaboration of long-time friends Tony O’Donovan (vocals) and Peter Piggott (guitar) as well as Cian Doherty (Doolin, Co. Clare drummer), whom they met in 2012. The Burma released their first single in 2018, after knowing each other for nearly 6 years. Officially named after The Burma Steps in Cobh, Co. Cork, Ireland the entire outfit hails from the surrounding area however each of the band members have strong familial ties to England. They also each come from musical families, whether a simple strong appreciation for the field or having relatives that have worked in the industry themselves. 

Accrediting their sound to influences of the American Indie scene of the early 2000’s and British guitar bands of the 80s and 90s, The Burma list artists such as The Killers, The Smiths, Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes as their inspiration. Their own sound sits in close comparison to the renowned workings of Coldplay, Oasis and the vocals of Liam Gallagher.

Playing to their strengths with dazzling guitar riffs, punchy rhythm and soaring synths, The Burma treat their fans with the pairing of ‘Same Again’ and ‘Quicksand 2020 version’. Between the two tracks, a consistency arises of wistful vocals and smouldering indie-rock grooves, leading the listeners down a path of 90s nostalgia. Repetitive and hypnotic rhythms help create a balance, with enough pauses to break any chance of the mind wondering. Paying respects to their own origins with more than their name, a familial aspect is brought about with shout outs. These elements manage to strike a warm tone, allowing for the listeners to feel as if they too may have grown up alongside the band members.

Speaking of ‘Same Again’, The Burma tell us, “We've been playing this song for a couple years and it's gone through loads of different variations to get to where it's at now. Theres a shout out to Coolamber in the Chorus which is the estate Tony grew up in in Cobh. This track works well as a set opener.” The band goes on to talk about ‘Quicksand 2020 version’, saying “We had a version of this track out as a single in 2018 but the arrangement has changed since then so we decided to re-record it and include it on the EP. It seems to have become a fan favourite so we're looking forward to people hearing the new version.”

The Burma Live Shows:

02/05/2020 - The Mariner Live Music Venue, Bantry, Co. Cork

21/05/2020 - The Fiddler, Kilburn, London

29/05/2020 - Monroes, Co. Galway

31/05/2020 - Kenny's Bar, Lahinch, Co. Clare

04/07/2020 - The Kino, Cork City

Sugar Moonlight EP Tracklist:

1. Same Again

2. Quicksand 2020 version 

3. When You're Gone

4. Phoney Personality

5. Buried Alive


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