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The Dionysus Effect is back with "Never Never"

The Dionysus Effect

New single "Never Never"

The Dionysus Effect is back with "Never Never" a ferocious anthem about an unwavering passion between two lovers. Colliding blues-drenched guitars under grunge rock inspired vocals singing explosive melodies make "NEVER NEVER" a seductive rapture.

New York-based trio, The Dionysus Effect, was formed in a dark basement with a passion for writing songs that conjure up raw energy but are still catchy af with boundary-pushing hooks. Members, Christoph Paul (lead vocals/ bass), Sean Quinn Hanley (guitar/backup vocals), and Brett Petersen (drums) combine their diverse musical backgrounds and talents for a unique explosion of sound. Their music is an enthralling hybrid of grunge rock, darkwave indie, alt-rock and pop, that forges a poetic expression filled with furious arena energy. The band blends several different eras of rock but the term Cocaine Rock encapsulates the sound.

With songs ranging from stories about a cuckold named Darryl, going to rehab because of heroin addiction, and a love that feels like joining a cult. Encapsulating the influence the band has on many of their listeners, the name ‘The Dionysus Effect’ is when the passion overtakes you and you feel most alive with Dionysus energy. Dionysus was a Greek God, who in ancient times brought about ecstasy, insanity and ritual madness, mirroring when the band performs their live show and puts the audience under a trance — that is The Dionysus Effect.

The Dionysus Effect is here to play rock music that captures the spiritual and sexual danger and excitement of being alive. From their forthcoming debut album, their next single "Never Never is out now.

Laura V

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