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Tommy Newport shares his new single "Vanilla & Light"

Tommy Newport

New single "Vanilla & Light"

Following his most recent release with EarthGang, "Vanilla & Light” shows a more tender and emotional side to Newport's artistry. The track depicts the internalized thoughts of someone struggling day to day.

Born in Manchester, England, Tommy Newport relocated to the United States with his family at six years old where he bounced around from Dallas to Seattle before settling down in Wichita, Kansas. After picking up the guitar as a teenager to ease the boredom that comes with the idyllic, but monotonous life in the Midwest, Newport submerged himself into music and hasn’t looked back since. “Vanilla & Light” depicts the internalized thoughts of someone struggling day to day. The track narrates putting a spotlight on somebody who thinks they’re conventional, boring and unexciting in their own mind, only to have that spotlight show everyone else around them and themselves that they are not mediocre or ordinary and that nobody is. Newport explains, “I think a lot of people, including myself, spend a lot of time in their own heads questioning and doubting themselves and I believe the lyrics in this song portray one's mental observations who may be struggling with their identity and ego, and are reaching out for a light to shine on them to prove themselves in a way.” This woozy single oozes a syrupy, sweet melody, with a steady, slow-paced drum beat. Accompanied by a pacy guitar lick and falsetto vocals uniting over a clean palette of sounds, “Vanilla & Light” shows a more tender and emotional side to Newports artistry.

At only 18 years old, Tommy released his debut single, "I Forgive You", which rapidly amassed millions of streams. His astounding live performance of "Movie Screen" on the internationally renowned YouTube series COLORS has led to millions of more streams and the likes of Hypebeast, High Snobiety, Beats 1 and Pigeons & Planes all touting Newport as the next big thing. He has been featured in a variety of television shows, including HBO’s hit TV show Ballers, Netflix’s original series What/If, TBS’ popular TV show Search Party, Amy Schumer’s documentary Expecting Amy, as well as the hit TV show The Sinner. He has also scored the latest ad campaign for Apple’s iPad. He recently teamed up with Atlanta natives EARTHGANG, for the release of his single “Stargazer.”

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