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Vincenzo Ramaglia presents ‘La parole 4’ & ‘La parole 6’

Credit: François Nuq

Avant-garde IDM electronic musician

Vincenzo Ramaglia

SHARES ‘La parole 4’ & ‘La parole 6’ (feat. Laure Le Prunenec) Singles

Ahead of La parole Album Release


LABEL: PEM Records

Avant-garde IDM electronic musician Vincenzo Ramaglia has released ‘La parole 4’ and La parole 6’ on 31st January via PEM Records. The tracks are lifted from his upcoming album, La parole to be released on 14 February and is entirely conceived via an electronic setup without a computer. The album heavily features the impressive vocals of Laure Le Prunenec who is the singer of many known and interesting projects, including worldwide acclaimed French band Igorrr (supporter of Ministry on their 2018 North American tour). Ramaglia’s previous work was featured by the main web and paper music magazines of the Italian scene - including Ondarock, Rockerilla, Blow Up, Sentireascoltare, and Rumore whilst his recently released singles have seen support from the likes of CLASH Magazine, Son Of Marketing, Vents Magazine, and XS Noize amongst others.

To achieve his highly experimental style, Vincenzo Ramaglia receives inspiration from a wide variety of artists including Autechre, Björk, Arvo Pärt and Radiohead. Elements of Cocteau Twins’ Elizabeth Frazer emerge when the listener focuses on the lyrics as Laure Le Prunenec uses ‘real-time invented language', creating words that are already music before they are even spoken. The resulting sound is complex and should be recognised as such with strong parallels drawn to Björk, Diamanda Galás and Aphex Twin

La parole was mixed by Elefante Bianco (Massimo Ruscitto, Raimondo Mosci) and mastered by Reference Studio (Fabrizio De Carolis) - two Roman excellences that boast many collaborations with artists such as Ennio Morricone - while Ramaglia took the lead with composition and production. Before his electronic breakthrough, the Italian composer won the TIM (Tournoi International de Musique) for orchestral work. Ramaglia’s soundtrack also accompanied John Turturro for the award-winning Ore 2: calma piatta (Mikado Film). His work has included collaborations with exponents of the musical avant-garde, such as Massimo Ceccarelli, a virtuoso of contemporary double-bass, and Renato Ciunfrini, a multi-instrumental improviser.

La parole 4’ is the lighter of the two tracks, with operatic choirs entering into mind and reverberating around the listener’s headphones. Laure Le Prunenec’s voice enters into soprano territories, rebounding off itself as it escalated. Taking a more alto approach to singing, she enters into ‘La parole 6with a more levelled tone which is complemented with a darker style of production by Vincenzo Ramaglia. Similar to Galás style of performing, Laure Le Prunenec approaches singing as an act of violence - ripping vocal melodies apart and piecing them together into new, previously unexpressed forms.

Vincenzo Ramaglia reflects on the final aspects of his musical journey, "I ended (and sent Laure) the electronic parts of La parole all in one breath, before taking a flight to the USA last Summer. While on the road in desert areas of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California, I received drafts of Laure's vocal improvisations. So, on the one hand, I was in front of deeply suggestive panoramas while listening and listening again to her tracks with the earphones, on the other I was anxious to edit her material and complete the album. I like to think that in the last songs of La parole, there is also the inspiration that gave me the magical alchemy between those metaphysical places and the kaleidoscopic voice of Laure, who always manages to find her way in my intricate electronic mazes."

Vincenzo Ramaglia

Laure Le Prunenec


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