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.wavrunner shares their new single "Professional"


New single "Professional"

Called "Professional", the tropical infused party anthem is all about hooking up and having a damn good time. .wavrunner is known for their feel-good release infused with humor. In "Professional", .wavrunner teamed up with Joe Grasso (Old Town Road Remix, John Legend).

If you’ve been waiting for the next unhinged group of young artists who are here to tell you to fight for your right to party, then look no further. .wavrunner (pronounced wavrunner) are Jack Wesley, younger brother JJ and Griff. Jack and Griff met as second graders in Cleveland, USA after realizing they were kindred, mischievous spirits. They first bonded over their shared passion for choice four letter words…. A decade later, Jack and Griff are just as fun-loving and cheeky in their roles as co-lyricists for .wavrunner with Jack handling lead vocals, Griff as co-vocalist and JJ who creates the beats and arrangements. The guys age from 18 to 20 years old, and are chaotic, fun, and unapologetically ambitious.

Laura V

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