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I’m Pelny the young woman behind The Blossom Muse.

The Blossom Muse is a visual diary  who embarks you in the journey of a wanderlust who loves fashion as much as exploring beautiful places around the world.























Since I was a kid I have always been passionate about Art in general. I used to draw, paint, dance and create things. Around 9 years old I loved browsing my mother’s fashion magazines. My mother used to buy Femme Actuelle weekly, it is a french mag. Scanning each pages was my daily activity. Then when I turned 12, I went to Europe for the first time and it completely changed my style forever.


Then around 17/18 years old when Skyblog was famous, lots of my friends started having blogs; more about our daily fun life as teenagers living in Pointe-Noire(Congo).

This is how I knew about this virtual world back in 2003.

Around 2005 when we all finished High School and left home to live abroad, internet was more accessible to me, at that point I started discovering fashion bloggers around the world,..

I wanted to create my own blog at that time but I didn't want it to distract me from school. Plus I didn't know what I wanted so I thought it was not the moment yet.


I am brand new in the blogging world, I have been doing it just for a year and half now. But so far I have been part of 3 fashionshows; Vancouver Fashion Week FW2014, PARKLUXE, THE HEART TRUTH.

And I have been published in some online fashion and travel websites: an interview with STYLE BLAZER, guest posts for DAME TRAVELER, VISITER L'AFRIQUE and a feature on FASHIZBLACK page.


Currently I just want to be more consistent in my blogging experience, share more things with you and inspire you as much as I can. I would love to collaborate with designers, photographers, creative people in general and it is an honour for me to be part of your project with this website. That is amazing.


I don’t know exactly what the future holds for me. But make sure you stay connected to my social media. Stay tuned.

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