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Amaroun shares her new single "This is Sin"

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New single "This is Sin"

The artists’ moniker Amaroun is a play on words that embodies immense strength and the overcoming of obstacles. A descendant of the legendary Maroons - a powerful group of self-emancipated slaves that settled in Jamaica - Amaroun has resilience coursing through her very veins. A musician, poet, filmmaker, and self-taught producer, when Amaroun has her sights set on something, nothing will stop her from shining.

This Is Sin’ is no different. Growing up in a religious Jamaican-British family, for so long Amaroun repressed who she was. Lyrically, it was inspired by her own life long battle with familial homophobia and coming to terms with my identity whilst falling madly in love.

Speaking of the track, she says, “I’m a storyteller, everything I write is deliberately sharing a story or something I’ve learnt. I remember at the time I was in an out of a conversation with my fiance about deep familial homophobia and about the experience of me or other any person experiencing this amount of oppression, the gaslight of someone being taught that their whole identity, my identity, is a sin is completely and utterly insidious, leaking in to every fibre of your being and that conversation was the catalyst to me sitting in front of Logic l and having to eject this feeling out my system.

The song is purposefully sonically pleasant and peaceful while the lyrics and the undercurrent of the song is actually really sad as that feels so true to how these things play out in our lives, good mixed with bad.

The different layers of feelings, of love, of shame, of joy and guilt all fizz together in a nostalgic fuzzy bubble. All the missed conversations, all the unsaid things, the beautiful moments and all the things not understood circling around a pure love.

It’s essentially a lullaby that I want people to sing along to with me so we can all be reminded “It’s okay, you’re going to get through, it’s going to be alright, it will be worth it in the end.”


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