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Dame Zina shares her new EP "DÉJÀ VU"

Dame Zina



We're a prolific family band, making music in our basement... and we love it .We do everything together with my father, I write and sing, he plays and writes and produces, and we both hope you'll like our music and share it with your friends.

If you like electro, poetry, nature, love and dreams, our music is for you! we write on what matters to us, feminism, freedom and emotions, and we would love to know your feelings, as you only started our music journey


Everything started with my dad asking me to sing on a song he wrote, as he often composes on his own. I had taken theater, dancing and singing lessons for years (opera, if you can believe it!), but I still was very shy about my voice... so it took a few days to record that song. But when we actually started, everything went so fast! we recorded a 16 tracks album in two months time, and released it later that year (2020), as indies.

Now time has passed, I'm gaining more and more confidence in my voice, in my message, in the power music gives us. We recorded our second album in summer 21, and we made so many tracks that we decided something crazy: this second album will be like a series, and we’ll release one track every Friday. Like, a lot of tracks.


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