ANN KING shares his new single “It comes and goes”

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New single “It comes and goes”


ANN KING offers listeners a truly unique blend of pop and R&B. Currently residing in the Netherlands, the incredibly talented singer-songwriter blends cinematic influencers with compelling creative narratives to produce music that showcases personal growth and an unapologetic appreciation for being true to who you are.

Having first appeared on the music scene in 2015 as ANEMARY, her personal evolution to ANN KING in 2018 welcomes a new attitude and a new name to match it. Having received an ADHD diagnosis, she found herself trying to heal from a burn-out, and found familiar comfort in music. Taking influence from the likes of Adele, Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne, her true passion for raw honesty and authenticity shines bright. Off the back of several singles and two successful EP releases, ANN KING is back with her latest single “It comes and goes”.

Showing underlying themes of personal growth and tales of staying truthful to who you are, "It comes and goes" offers listeners echoing lyrical bliss, graceful guitar rhythms and mellow melodies. Opening lyrics, "It's a tough act to pretend" inspired the origins of the euphonious track, giving listeners a magnificent insight into her diverse musical capability. She shares, “I really wanted the bridge to reflect the childlike wonder with which you look at the world as a kid. The hopefulness of your dreams becoming a reality and ending up with a happy ending. It references two of my favorite childhood movies, Mary Poppins & The Sound of Music, but also my favorite song as a kid, "Somewhere over the rainbow.”

Sharing the beauty of living with fans around the world, ANN KING has toured extensively with her band across London and Austria. Garnering the support of major radio stations 3FM and Radio 2 in The Netherlands, she has also played major music festivals like Live I Life Festival, Bevrijdingsfestival and Fringe Festival. As she compels fans with cinematic narratives and a truly unique sound, ANN KING is proving to be one to watch in the coming months.


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