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Anna Storm shares her new single "Versace Shade"

Anna Storm

New single "Versace Shade"

"My new single is definitely high energy, with a new wave feel. It’s like a second coming of the 80s— when I started writing and recording it, I knew I wanted to come out with a dance record. Josh Stevens, my producer, showed me the beat and there was something very unique and eerie/dark about it, while still being very much a dance record. We came up with a melody and wrote the lyrics— we wanted to also reveal another facet/layer of my persona. Both my other records are extremely positive and “miss independent,” while this record we wanted to be more complex. It was different having to reach inside myself and not be funny/douchey for once while writing this record, but it’s important to be multifaceted as an artist, and show the public different sides of you— you never know how people are going to relate to each piece."

Anna Storm is a Pop-R&B artist, whose music radiates confidence and oozes swag. Built upon the desire to encourage others to step out their comfort zones and be fearless, Storm has crafted a sound not to be reckoned with. Hailing from a small town in Connecticut, Storm spent much of her childhood disregarded from others and continuously harassed by school bullies. Her only escape was music, allowing her to channel her emotions when there was no one else but herself. It was then that Anna Storm was born. Through adversity and determination Storm flourished in confidence, blooming into the fearless alpha female she is today. Storm declares, "You don't need anyone's approval, not about what you wear, not about what you do, not about what you feel. Self-love and self-confidence are such beautiful things, and they equate to power for those who decide to embrace them”. Storm’s latest single is a dance pop banger with an 80's electro influence. Entitled "Versace Shade" the single is essentially a dance new wave pop record. Storm confides, "Throughout my youth, I’ve spent a lot of time in the club scene across the US in major cities such as New York, Miami, LA & Vegas. I wanted to make an upbeat record you could dance to when you’re out getting turnt up, looking fly af, and slaying— something for the nightclubs and for people to get energized by." Produced by Josh Stevens (LMFAO, Young Jeezy, Pitbull), "Versace Shade" features confident basslines, infectious melodies and quirky electronic soundscapes. 

Storm has found success being featured on music mogul Damon Dash’s album “The Roc Files Vol.2”, as well as having numerous TV appearances. Her music has also been added to numerous Spotify playlists. Using her platform, Storm is on a mission of empowerment to encourage others to discover their inner self-worth. She explains, “I want people to see that despite any trials and tribulations you may go through, you can still achieve anything through mustering a strong spirit and will”. Having flawlessly developed her sound and image, Storm's "Versace Shade" is out now. 

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