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Artistic House DJ Florian Picasso Releases ‘Ay Papi’

Artistic House DJ

Florian Picasso


La Californie Musique

with his single ‘Ay Papi’

RELEASE DATE: 20 January 2023

LABEL: La Californie Musique / 100th Meridian Music

Versatile DJ and Producer Florian Picasso released his latest record ‘Ay Papi’ on the 20th of January 2023 via the brand new imprint La Californie Musique, which is making its debut with the release. Notably, the single was premiered on Dancing Astronaut. Picasso is no stage name, Florian is the great-grandson of the mighty Pablo Picasso. ‘Ay Papi’ follows his single ‘Tomorrow’, a collaboration with hip-hop star NAS and famed singer-songwriter John Legend. Florian Picasso was included in DJ Mag’s list of top 100 DJs numerous times, reaching a rank of #38. He now plays shows all around the world with up to 100 shows a year and some of the biggest festivals like Tomorrowland or Ultra Miami.

Florian spent a lot of time in Cannes, soaking up the artistic atmosphere of the Villa Californie where he later installed his music studio. This hobby quickly turned into a passion and a couple of years later, Florian decided to completely dedicate himself to music and to carry on the family’s artistic legacy. “Music was always a way to express myself from an early age. I always felt like I never fitted in. Being adopted and having a genius ancestor by adoption I felt like music was a way to stand out by being different but yet staying in the art realm”, says Florian.

He recently paid tribute to his great grandfather in the most artistic and innovative way with some exceptional shows in the unique location that is the Picasso Villa ‘La Californie’. Most importantly, he is writing his own story with his own signature, never limiting his creative mind.

Florian has earned support from an extensive list of publications which includes DJ Mag,, Dancing Astronaut, We Rave You, Your EDM, Mixmag Asia, Forbes, and YouTube channels House Nation and xKito helping him reach 120 million streams on Spotify and Youtube alone.

Florian Picasso’s latest feel-good record, ‘Ay Papi’ is a hard-hitting dance floor banger. Thumping kicks and rave stabs drive this tech house anthem forward with hypnotising latino vocals, seducing listeners to the Florian way of life. Painted in a colour palette of his choosing, his single captures the intimacy between lovers on the dance floor, reminiscent of Tchami and Malaa.

Speaking about the new single, Florian Picasso tells us: “This track is the genesis of a new era for me. It was a fun process trying to blend older sounds of mine with the new « Picasso sounds » I envision. Moreover I really tried to produce a fun record to transition from the old to the new me.”

Florian Picasso

La Californie Musique

Image credit: Loic Schütz (ClubbingVision)


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