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biosphere & xiv share new single BLASTOFF! ft koven wei

biosphere & xiv ft koven wei

New single "BLASTOFF!"

Entitled "BLASTOFF!", the track is inspired by childhood memories of the iconic space opera, Star Wars, and is the focus single of Calamity, a 10 track album by biosphere and xiv. Featuring rising Toronto based artist koven wei, the song details a relationship of two lovers who are “galaxies between” each other, evoking emotions of excitement and longing as they journey through space.


21-year-old singer-songwriter, xiv (short for excuses in vanity) is a Toronto based, Asian-Canadian artist who is not afraid of experimentation. Caught between two worlds of the East and West, he aims to fuse elements of both musical styles to bring a unique and distinct sound to fans all across the world. From catchy Pop melodies that are prevalent in today's K-Pop records to silky smooth sonics of Western R&B, xiv is determined to bridge this gap, all while inspiring the next generation of Asian artists.


biosphere is an Asian-Canadian, 21-year-old composer and producer based in Toronto. He initially experimented with the lo-fi/hip hop sound but has recently ventured into R&B, soul, and orchestral styles. Classically trained in piano and a saxophone player from a young age, he gradually became inspired to compose music of his own. His music is strongly influenced by his classical roots and his many years playing in a jazz environment.

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