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BLUE COLLAR shares his new Ep "PROMETHEUS"



Release: 23/04/2021 Label : TELAVIVI records

Blue Collar is not simply a 'nom de plume', it is rather an ambition: a declaration of intent and identity of a musician who professes his artistic belief.

Strange days for the artistic profession, isolation frees inspiration from contingencies. Blue Collar imagines a path that contemplates sacrifice, complete dedication to the achievement of a form of the supreme good.

If these words remind you of the Zeitgeist of another space-time you are not wrong, the coordinates of Blue Collar are Central European. The semantic space is vast: madly in love with German culture and its language, Mirko is inspired by krautrock as well as in Göethe, has a tattoo inspired by David Bowie's 'Low' and is a tireless collector of (German) words that he selects by elective affinity, making the titles of his songs.

Blue Collar is no stranger to modernity, the subtitle of the EP Prometheus refers to the television series 'Dark', strongly characterized by the Apparat soundtrack.

It's now time to announce Prometheus, Blue collar's debut ep, which includes GÄNSEHAUT, his first single, released the last February. Co-produced by Rome in Reverse, Prometheus consists of three more tracks of a deep electronic matrix, with clear references to the Berlin minimal scene.

Blue Collar is part of the newborn creative collective TelaVivi Records, with an Italian-Danish headquarters, and promises to offer to the listener exceptional imageries, all to be discovered.

TelaVivi Records

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