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Darling BOY shares his new single "Breaking Into Forever"

Darling BOY

New video "Breaking Into Forever"

Going back-to-the-future with a rush of pure 80s filtered pop, DARLING BOY is back with stellar new single: ‘Breaking Into Forever’.

Darling Boy, otherwise known as Alexander Gold, carries musical promise wherever he goes. A musician, actor, and songwriter, his multi-faceted talent has seen him flit with ease between the worlds of music, theatre and film and with a string of dynamic singles under his belt, Gold has been praised far and wide for his bold artistic sound.

‘Breaking Into Forever’, his glittering new offering, mixes powerhouse beats with shimmering pop melodies and retro-fitted synths to create an irresistible three-minute adventure out-of-time.

Entirely self-produced, save for a little editing help from XTC legend Andy Partridge, ‘Breaking Into Forever’ is an impossibly catchy three-minute pop monster cut that would feel right at home on the soundtrack of Stranger Things. Reminiscent of classic Dexy’s Midnight Runners or The Human League, its definitively 80s’ keyboard sound, synthesised strings and vocoded vocals amount to a track that is addictive, danceable and beams with a glossy chrome sheen.

Speaking about the track Gold says:

“It’s dedicated to someone who changed the direction of my life profoundly, in a very short space of time”, says DB, “effortlessly smashing down a door that I’d long thought was a wall. It’s about the power we all have to make a real difference, and a testament to the notion that sometimes all it takes is a fleeting moment.”

Equal parts nostalgic and enchanting, the single was released on the 25th June. With the horizon open, and possibilities endless, the single is certain to take Darling Boy to new heights and listeners to another era altogether.

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