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Ebony Buckle shares her new single "WHO REMEMBERS"


New single "WHO REMEMBERS"

The song is set on another Earth which has been invaded by an alien race. A lone survivor tries to send a distress signal off the planet. Featuring melancholy lyrics, layered harmonies and a strong build, the song is the third release from my upcoming album Disco Lasers.

The music video was inspired by "Stranger Things", "Dark" and "Half Life 2". It was created and animated by Luke Taylor, who also created visuals for my previous two releases, "Wonder" and "The Planet Who Believed".

Conceptual dream-pop singer-songwriter Ebony Buckle is set to release her debut album Disco Lasers, a collection of audio-visual stories that celebrate the wonders of our universe and how we as human beings make sense of our existence through folklore legends, science and our imagination. The album will be released as separate songs each month, allowing the listener to join the journey and immerse themselves in a different story every time.

So far she has released “Wonder” and “The Planet Who Believed”, which have been featured in various publications including Earmilk, Rollingstone India and New Scientist. The next release on the 1st of April is “Who Remembers”. In line with the fantasy in Buckle’s music, this song is set on another Earth, where an alien invasion has completely wiped out the population of a planet. A lone survivor is making one last plea for help.

Recorded and produced by Nick Burns, the song begins with a haunting piano playing over an actual audio recording of a storm on Jupiter, taken from a collection of sounds released by NASA. With melancholy lyrics and Buckle and Burns’s trademark layered harmonies, the song builds to a desperate chorus as she sings “Mother, Father help me now”. The piano and Jupiter return at the end of the track as Buckle softly laments “and the stars looked on, but they’re almost gone”.

The music video was created with animator Luke Taylor and filmed by Sky Zhou. Using a mix of cinematography and animation, the visuals are reminiscent of “Stranger Things”, German drama “Dark” and “Star Wars”. The story follows on from the previous music videos and includes some hints at past moments as well as some clues for future tales.

Ebony Buckle is a London-based singer/songwriter, originally from her tropical seaside home of Townsville, Australia. Writing and performing with her husband, musician Nick Burns, who also produces her music, Buckle uses captivating stories to hold a mirror up to herself and the world. Reflected in these songs is our humanity - our wants and needs, our struggles to fit in or break out. Throughout all of this is the hope that we can connect, that we can see the magnificent beauty of our universe and that we can grow and learn and evolve without fear.

Over the last year Buckle has been building a community of poetry and music lovers around her music, using the platform Patreon. Her patrons have given Buckle the complete freedom to create and share with us a body of work that is entirely independent. If you are interested in finding out more about Buckle’s world, we recommend her newsletter ‘letters from a strange planet’, which is sent out monthly and is filled with stories and news about the world she is creating.

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