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Jason Maxwell shares his new single "For Now"

Jason Maxwell

New single "For Now"

The song was inspired by a past relationship that ultimately failed - very much a case of ‘right girl, wrong time’. A year or so after our relationship ended, I noticed she had moved on to someone new and my initial reaction was to immediately question whether her new relationship was as serious or meaningful as her previous relationship with myself.

It was a challenging process writing “For Now” however the words did really flow with ease. The challenging aspect was the unnerving awkwardness of opening up to my co-writers (Elias Edlund and Shawn Moore) on a subject that still stings and to communicate the story in such a manner that’s more negative/ toxic than it is positive/happy with respect to emotional health. Most writers/ artists want to write/record songs that will perform well commercially and there's an industry-wide unspoken assumption that negative/toxic songs are less likely to succeed in the commercial space. I want to write and record the best songs I can create and I'm less concerned with which boxes the songs will fit into - I want to create timeless music so in the long run I feel like it's better to create something genuine and relatable opposed to creating something that merely ticks the boxes of today's criteria checklist. Once Eli, Shawn and I were in agreement on the song’s concept and writer/listener perspective, we were able to write the lyrics with relative ease.

The song is lyrically-unique in the sense that it’s my only song that has a significantly modified final chorus. In this case, the modified lyrics alter the entire direction and meaning behind the lyrics' message and in turn changes the perspective of the listener. Sonically-speaking, this song is quite a departure from my usual bright and happy sound but I think it’s necessary to explore all areas of the spectrum in order to fully develop my artistry. From a conceptual standpoint, this is the first time I've told a story that shines a negative light to some degree and done so in a somewhat emotionally-unhealthy manner. I understand from a commercial perspective why most songs portray everything in a positive light but I also know that I can’t be the only one who’s ever felt this type of way over a failed relationship. I know I’m not perfect but for better or worse I’m going to tell real and authentic stories from experience and I hope there are people that can relate.

“For Now” is a bittersweet song I wrote as a message to my ex-girlfriend. In a way it’s the first vulnerable self-depiction of how I truly felt about us drifting apart and her finding someone to replace me with. “For Now” is my honest attempt at expressing my innermost thoughts, feelings and emotions straight from the heart to pen to page to studio recording. I feel like everyone at some point in their life goes through a rough breakup but most people are too embarrassed or afraid to ever admit that deep down they want another chance - feelings we all think we shouldn’t say out loud and feelings that exist internally regardless of intention. Essentially the song revolves around telling my ex-girlfriend that she can do far better than her new partner that she replaced me with and the song concludes with me revealing that I feel like I’m a better match for her.

It’s a genuinely loving, somewhat bittersweet/toxic but straight from the heart message to my ex-girlfriend telling her that she can do better than who she replaced me with. It’s genuinely loving in the sense that I truly want what’s best for her - it’s somewhat bittersweet/toxic in the sense that I’m suggesting we should rekindle our relationship because I feel that what we shared in the past is greater than the love she now shares with her new partner.

Lyrically-speaking the song is unapologetically honest and the emotionally-charged auditory atmosphere is vividly conveyed through Jason’s passionate and heartfelt vocals. From start to finish “For Now” builds dynamically throughout, featuring a tasteful blend of traditional country instrumentation combined with contemporary pop production elements.

Jason Maxwell is a singer-songwriter & recording artist known for his high-energy performances & approachable personality. Jason’s unique approach to posting creative content online coupled with his genuine eagerness to engage & interact with his listeners has helped him garner global viewership with +70 million views across social media platforms.

With +1.5 million digital streams under his belt, Jason has released +20 songs & his quality of output has not gone unnoticed. Jason has been featured on several editorial playlists including Spotify’s Country Favourites & Live Country playlists, Spotify’s Country Hits station, Apple Music’s New Music Daily, Country Lovin’ & New in Country playlists, Amazon Music’s Breakthrough Country, Certified Country & Fresh Alternative playlists & YouTube Music’s The New Crop playlist. Jason appears for a cameo performance in the 2021 worldwide Netflix release "Full Out 2” which features “Girls Like To Dance” on the official movie soundtrack.

Despite his youthful appearance, Jason is an experienced & versatile performer - he has performed as a supporting act for several notable artists including The Washboard Union, The Reklaws, Chad Brownlee & J.J. Shiplett.

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