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Kevin Ross shares his new video "Look My Way"

Kevin Ross

New video "Look My Way"

Influenced by The Jackson 5, “Look My Way” blends Kevin Ross’ contemporary charm with classic flair. The visuals further highlight the experience of being infatuated with an unattainable love interest - a universal feeling of pursuing someone who always seems out of reach. Playful, cheeky, and innocent, Kevin Ross taps into the core emotions that define "the chase" associated with young love.

As the video follows Kevin Ross through his neighborhood, he continually encounters the object of his affection but is unable to catch her before she disappears. The most captivating moment occurs when the two finally meet in an elevator, and they simultaneously ask “Would you like to grab coffee sometime?” This serendipitous moment is followed by Kevin Ross' triumphant chorus bursting with elegant rhythmics and bold vocals.

Record breaking artist and creator of his own record label, Art Society Music Group (ASMG), Kevin Ross continues to pave the way for other independent artists to follow. With more than 100 million streams across platforms, multiple Billboard charting songs, and a rich musical presence across Film and TV, Ross continues to shape the current landscape of R&B.

An accomplished singer/songwriter, producer, and creator of his artist owned label Art Society Music Group (ASMG), Kevin Ross has risen to the forefront of R&B culture. Ross has over 100 million streams and counting, #1 Billboard entries on the Adult R&B Songs Chart, and countless sold-out shows. From working with esteemed artists such as Toni Braxton, Trey Songz, Tank, Ne-Yo, and T.I,. to being nominated by the Soul Train Music Awards, NAACP Image Awards, and iHeart Radio Music Awards, Kevin Ross continues to forge ahead with his signature style of elevated R&B, rich with eloquent songcraft and magnetic sonic architecture.

Kevin Ross’ single "Sweet Release" saw an impressive streak in the Top 10 of Billboard's Adult R&B Airplay Chart. It also broke the record for longest run with the #1 requested song on Sirius XM's Heart & Soul. The single is a part of Ross’ latest album Drive 2 which bowed at #1 on the iTunes Top R&B/Soul Albums Chart. “Sweet Release” follows his track “Looking For Love” which vaulted onto the Top 10 of the Billboard Adult R&B Radio Play Chart.

Currently, Ross’ single "Look My Way" from his upcoming Midnight Microdose project is making major waves on Spotify while rapidly climbing the Top 20 of Billboard's Adult R&B Airplay Chart. When “Look My Way” debuted, Kevin Ross was the first independent artist with two singles on the Adult R&B Airplay Chart at once. "Look My Way" is swiftly gaining traction after debuting as the #3 most added song behind Tank and SZA with 25 new stations adding in the first week.

Kevin Ross’ latest release, "Show & Prove", is sure to follow the Billboard-charting buzz of "Look My Way" with up-tempo, captivating vocals over decadent beats. Kevin Ross continues to stay ahead of the curve and keeps surprising people with the new heights he's reached as an independent R&B gamechanger.

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