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Konquest shares his new album "Paranormal Raptivity"


New album "Paranormal Raptivity"

The album features artists Toka Hyrule, The MDz, Kae Franks, and Smoke to produce a bloodthirsty, serial killer level of intensity on Konquest’s Halloween hip-hop concept album.

The album includes the berserk fast-paced “Night Time”, diving deep into Konquest’s natural attraction to horror as subject for his material. Konquest writes, "I was never swayed by the swag movement. As you can already tell from my tattoo of Michael Myers, this Vampire bite tattoo on my neck etc., it was always horror and dark themed songs that did it for me." The music video for “Night Time” was shot at All Saints Lunatic Asylum, a real haunted attraction where many have witnessed paranormal events before.

The album also has a variety of powerhouse collaborations including “Vampire Rave”, featururing Toka Hyrule & The MDz along with “Purge” featuring Smoke and Kae Franks. “Vampire Rave” is a monstrous party anthem highlighting pounding bass and dark opera backup vocals. "The more you run, the more I wanna bite you. Vampire party and I didn’t invite you.” “Purge” is an industrial beat with static police sirens that echo through the backtrack with magnetic rap flow. “If you go back and listen to my past content, it can be realized that I was eventually going to end up diving full throttle into the Horror world.” He grew up in Inglewood, California where he fell in love with music through competitive freestyle battles which soon led him to the underground hip-hop scene.

Konquest was born in California and grew up in areas where gang violence ran rampant. Konquest was naturally charismatic as a kid so after witnessing him dance and sing songs constantly, his mom and auntie encouraged his talents by having him do live performances at local parties and entering him into talent shows. When he was 13, Konquest moved to Inglewood, California which he says is a place that taught him a lot about hustle, loyalty, respect & family as he fell in love with the city. By the time he was a senior at Inglewood High School, Konquest entered himself into competitive freestyle battles with local artists as he moved to many different areas in Southern California. Once Konquest decided to take music seriously, he started releasing multiple mixtapes, singles and albums which catapulted his musical popularity within the underground hip hop scene. Now, gaining mass attention from his amazing live performances as an opening act for big names primarily merging elements of horror and hip hop, Konquest is a respected lyrical emcee who continues to make an impact on the music industry.

Kimberly High

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