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Natalia Damini shares her new single "ATTITUDE" with Tito Jackson

Natalia Damini & Tito Jackson

New single "ATTITUDE"

Inspired by both modern pop icons and timeless vocalists, Natalia blends intoxicating melody with supersonic energy and charisma. “Attitude was written about seeing someone you like, but not having the courage to take the first step.” Full of windswept backup vocals, slick guitar riffs, and a fetching beat, “Attitude” is as bashful in sonics as the subject matter itself.

"The world needs to know about Natalia Damini" - Tito Jackson

The music video profiles Natalia as she performs amidst a backdrop of shimmering disco balls and chandeliers in sequined jacket. Tito Jackson emerges for his verse in a sports car with effortless, velvety vocals over the scenery of a futuristic, neon-lit hallway. Natalia serenades, “Attitude - baby that’s all you need. If you want it, you got it!” The single is a jubilant, vivacious pop anthem that calls upon Tito Jackson’s rich history through a whole new lens.

Natalia Damini was titled the Best Female R&B/ Pop Artist at the Underground Music Awards. Since then, her platform has expanded to upwards of 15 million views on YouTube and 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Her infectious pop single “Crazy” charted at #1 on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart and she has had #28 Billboard Top 40 and #15 Billboard Next Big Sound entries. She has received acclaim from LA Weekly, Idolator, and All Access to name a few.

Singing sensation and electrifying performer Natalia Damini released her new song titled “Attitude” featuring the one and only Tito Jackson from the legendary group The Jacksons. This single follows her last release entitled “Pacemaker,” which peaked at #45 on the Mediabase Top 50 Pop chart and has over 1 million streams on Spotify.

Equally important, her song “Crazy” hit #1 on the Billboard Emerging Artist Chart. Natalia has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

Cutting Edge is the adjective that describes the stunning songstress Natalia Damini. She adds class, intellect, and style to her genre. She crafts songs that capture the essence of the human spirit. She spins stories of love, lessons learned, conflict and resolution. Ms. Damini approaches every note with fearless class. Her voice is pure and authentic. Her energetic drive and outgoing personality enabled her to showcase her amazing stage presence at many different venues around the world. In October 2015 Natalia won Best Female R&B/Pop Artist at the prestigious Underground Music Awards.

Natalia Damini’s style is a unique blend of modern R&B, Pop, and Dance music that ranks her alongside contemporary stars like Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, Shakira, and Rihanna. Natalia’s new single features Tito Jackson of the Jacksons (yes, brother of Michael and Janet). The Jackson Clan is the most famous musical family in the world. The single and video for “Attitude” is released March 17,2023 via Concore Entertainment/Sony and available on all streaming platforms.

Natalia Damini

Tito Jackson

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