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Spring & I share their new single "Believe Me"

Spring & I

New single "Believe Me"

They formed way back in 2017 and started sharing musical ideas and remixes. As two self-taught electronic producers, Ditte Angelo and Marie Friis explored the world of gear and tech, creating an uncompromising sound full of their raw, artistic energy.

Spring & I have released only a handful of singles and remixes since but are now ready with their first collected work; an EP which will depict how Spring & I balance the heaviness from club music with pensive themes. With inspiration from the dry and raw sound from UK garage, Ditte & Marie deliver warped electronica on their dark new single, 'Believe Me', out today, December 1st.

“The first tones were created under the pandemic and despite the many frustrations the lockdown caused, it gave us room to seek deeper in who we are and what we want to create together,” the duo says and continue:

"‘Believe Me’ emerged from a strong need to take back some of the control you are suppressed by as a woman when you live in a society with uneven, rigid power structures. The song almost wrote itself and encapsulates a drive to gain redemption, and set the tone for more new tracks to come.”

Based in Copenhagen, Spring & I have become a creative force of their own, also creating their edgy visual profile and artwork along with their music and as an unpredictable electronic live act.

‘Believe Me’ will be followed up by more music in the beginning of 2023 and a still to be titled debut-EP.


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