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Uppermost presents his latest single ‘Creative Infinity’

Prominent label owner and producer


RELEASES ‘Creative Infinity’ Single

LABEL: Uppwind Records

Prolific electronic producer Uppermost has released his single, ‘Creative Infinity’ on 21 February via Uppwind Records. Thus far, he has received support from a wide variety of publications including BILLBOARD, Complex, Dancing Astronaut, YourEdm, Paper Mag, Magnetic Mag, Clash Mag, This Song Is Sick, Earmilk and Discobelle. With features on noteworthy Youtube channels, Mr Suicide Sheep, Tasty, xKito, Purely Chilled, Chill Masters, Saints Of Serenity, Wobblecraft to name but a few, Uppermost has earned himself over 50 million Youtube views, and over 50 million plays on Spotify. Having been selected to create official remixes for Dada Life, Lemaitre, and The Midnight, the producer has released tracks with his own renowned imprint, Uppwind Records, as well as Sony BMG and Ministry Of Sound.

The self-taught DJ and producer originally hails from Bordeaux, France where he seeks to establish positive emotion with his music. Recently expanding into the world of filmography, Uppermost’s track, ‘Love’ was featured in an uplifting project directed by Joseph Carlin from Transfixion. Deeply involved in the world of music even when not creating his own, Uppermost can be found assisting other rising artists via his label. Musicians such as Kasket Club, Medium Douce and Wolfgang Wee have all walked alongside Uppermost upon his journey.

Refusing to limit himself with his influences, Uppermost receives musical inspiration from the likes of Bon Iver, Floating Points, Tycho, Lane 8, and Crazy P. Pushing his own boundaries, he seeks out film and visual art, specifically the allegory of street art as well as the aforementioned musicians. The resulting sound takes him close to the likes of Lemaitre, Petit Biscuit and Madeon while maintaining his individuality.

Balancing both experimentation and groundedness, Uppermost opens ‘Creative Infinity’ with cheerful Eastern musical influences. With this track, the producer returns to his known sound of gentle electronic French house. Creating an effortlessly cool soundscape with synths and ambient electronics, the single gradually builds. A steady bassline gains momentum as it develops within the listener’s ears.

Expressing himself in ways only an artist can, Uppermost tells us, “In times when the mind creates boundary and limits over every thought, art creates a shelter of freedom”


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